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Vassar’s Mega Glo Foam Party!

Calling all Kids, Families and generally cRaZy people!

You are invited to Vassar’s Mega Glo Foam Party!!

Date: June 10 @ 7-11

Location: T North Pavilion

What is a Glo Foam Party?? There will be a stage, lots of music, and people will shoot foam into the crowd! They will have Glo items available as well, such as glow sticks. Check out djfun.comContinue reading “Vassar’s Mega Glo Foam Party!”


The Chamber Of Commerce will have new hours. We will be open Monday 8:30-11,Wednesday 8:30-11, and Thursday 8:30-11. Anyone needing to schedule an appointment or anything you are more than welcome to contact Betty at 810-399-3618.


Chamber Discount Card

The Chamber Of Commerce is pleased to announce the start of our newest program “The Discount Card”. Every Chamber Member gets two cards and they can use them at participating businesses which offers their own unique discount. For More information contact Betty at The Chamber.

Discount Cards will be accepted at the following places



Winter Chamber Newsletter

What a Fourth Quarter the Vassar Chamber and Vassar Business Community have had!!

We are proud to be a part of the Vassar Business community, and together with you we have seen exciting things happen…

Continue reading “Winter Chamber Newsletter”

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